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Why Obesity Surgery

Clinique Obésité

These interventions are mutilating, but for people with hyperobesity, it helps to curb a situation that cannot be solved by diet alone. You still have to have tried the diet before! Especially since after these interventions, the patient is necessarily subjected to a radical change in his eating habits, and must be careful not to suffer from nutritional deficiencies.
It is also necessary that the intervention decision be collegial, multidisciplinary and that a long-term follow-up be organized, with lifestyle and dietary management throughout life. Another condition is that the patient has been informed, has understood and accepted the need for long-term follow-up.

BMI calculation

Min weight = 66 / Max weight = 79

BMI = 24.76

Regular weight

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Classification of BMI (IMC)

BMI Remark
< 18,5 Underweight
18,5 To 24,9 Regular weight
25,0 To 29,9 Overweight
30,0 To 39,9 Obesity
> 40 And + Morbid obesity

Fat Mass Calculation

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Different bariatric surgery techniques


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